Working with us

Working with us

Working with Us

Westminster City Council is committed to building 1,850 new affordable homes by 2023 and Ebury Bridge represents a significant contribution to this. Approximately 750 new homes will be built and at least 342 homes will be affordable. In order to create the high-quality homes envisioned for the Ebury Bridge Renewal Project, we’re looking for development partners who share our vision of creating an exemplary estate for people of all income levels.

Echoing the principles outlined in the City Plan 2019 – 2040, Westminster City Council will oversee a total 22,222 new homes built in the city by 2040. We believe that quality housing provides the platform for people to thrive, acting as the foundation better lives. To achieve this, we want world-class partners to deliver an industry leading scheme.

Each stage of the development will be subject to a robust procurement process to ensure a fair and transparent selection process takes place. Below is a selection of delivery requirements for the Ebury Bridge Estate, if you would like to register an interest or to find out more please email

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  • Phase 1 construction – Prequalification currently underway, commencement expected in Q4 2020
  • Phase 2 clearing – TBC
  • Phase 2 construction – TBC
  • Estate management - TBC
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