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Creating a city for all on the Ebury Bridge Estate

The vision for the Ebury Bridge Estate is to set a new standard in estate regeneration.

In partnership with Ebury Bridge residents, Westminster City Council is taking forward a scheme that will see 750 new homes built with at least 342 of those affordable homes.

The project aims to provide more affordable housing and bring about long-term physical, economic and social sustainability of the area.

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Ebury Bridge Community

Aims and objectives

The council is working to create a vibrant, modern neighbourhood for both the existing community and new residents. To do this, we will:

  • Deliver more affordable housing and create a sustainable mixed community
  • Improve public spaces and provide new community facilities
  • Work with residents and businesses in a meaningful and transparent way to put forward the best proposal for Ebury Bridge Estate
  • Set the standard for estate renewal with high quality design throughout all tenure types
  • Bring to life the most desirable, deliverable and viable option


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The new estate

In 2018, following extensive consultation with Ebury Bridge residents, Westminster City Council approved proposals for the renewal of Ebury Bridge.

The proposal will see the full redevelopment of the current estate and the creation of 750 new high-quality homes across a range of tenure types. All existing council homes will be re-provided and at least another 159 new affordable homes built.

During the consultation process Ebury residents told us how much they loved the existing communal garden. To reflect this feedback, five new high quality public squares will provide a unique experience for residents and visitors alike. These large civic spaces are a contemporary approach to the traditional London square, with each benefiting from sunlight throughout the day.

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About the Ebury Bridge Estate

Located in the heart of central London, the proposals aim to build upon the excellent transport links with the new Ebury Bridge aiming to be a low-car development. Both pedestrian and cycle transport will be a priority throughout the estate.

Energy efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint are cornerstones of the scheme. The proposals outline how the estate will, in time, become a zero-carbon estate and how it will contribute to the United Nations 17 sustainability goals.

With so many prominent landmarks in the area, we want residents of the estate to benefit from excellent views. Almost 100% of all homes will benefit from at least two different aspects across the London skyline.

Key pledges

Underpinning the entire project, the council will ensure:

A right to return for residents is guaranteed for all secure tenants and resident leaseholders

A full replacement of all council homes

35% of new homes provided will be affordable for social and intermediate rent

Overcrowding is addressed within the estate

Local retail options serve the local community.

Ebury Bridge will remain a council-owned estate

Residents will be at the heart of developing a viable new scheme

Ebury Bridge Community

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