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Ebury Bridge Working with the Community

A cornerstone of the Ebury Bridge Renewal Project is putting residents at the heart of the regeneration. The project is looking to set a new standard in estate regeneration, showcasing how local authorities working in tandem with residents can create vibrant, long-term, mixed communities where people can thrive. 

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Consultation on plans for the new estate

Since the start of the scheme, the council has worked closely with Ebury Bridge residents on proposals for their new estate. We would now like to hear from neighbours and groups in the local area to help shape plans. 

Consultations are ongoing and we want to hear from as many local people as possible about the council’s plans to transform Ebury Bridge, before we submit. This will lead to the council submitting a planning application later in the year. You can see the consultation boards by clicking the button below. 

To help people have their say we have developed an online consultation tool. Register for our Commonplace engagement tool and get involved. 

CommonplaceEngagement boards

Stages and timescales

Over the last 18 months we have worked closely with Ebury Bridge residents on proposals for their new estate. We would now like to hear from neighbours and groups in the local area to help shape plans.

Between now and October we want to hear from as many local people as possible about the council’s plans to transform Ebury Bridge. This will lead to the council submitting a planning application later in the year.

To help people have their say we have developed an online consultation tool. Register on our commonplace engagement tool and get involved.


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Making plans

The Ebury Bridge community have been instrumental in the development of proposals for the estate. By understanding exactly what’s important to our residents, we’re able to put plans together. 

This process now moves in to a new phase with three distinct areas of consultation: 

1. Place shaping – creating the new public spaces, the look and materials of new buildings and play facilities

2. Homes – the configuration and design of new homes, roof terraces, waste strategies and the views from homes

3. Character – how the new estate fits within its location, the façade of the buildings and the energy strategy 


Resident engagement channels

Community Futures Group (CFG)

1 Community Futures Group (CFG)

Community Futures Group (CFG)

A resident-led strategic body called The Community Futures Group (CFG) was created on the 25th October 2017 to be at the forefront of our decision making. The group was made up of residents who represent the views of the community alongside an Independent Chairperson to explore financial viability assessments, design principles and the scope of development options. 

Design Engagement

2 Design Engagement

Design Engagement

The council held a series of estate-wide drop-ins where residents have had the opportunity to feedback on what they would like to see from any scenarios that involve redevelopment. This helped establish a series of design principles and formed priorities such as open space, community facilities and dual aspect views from homes. 

Refurbishment and Viability

3 Refurbishment and Viability

Refurbishment and Viability

Refurbishment options were explored, including what the cost and logistics of delivery, with resident meetings and the CFG. We also opened the books to residents around viability, discussing revenues (such as contractor profit), costs and the land acquisition value. 

Exemplar Estate visits

4 Exemplar Estate visits

Exemplar Estate visits

Residents have visited different exemplar regeneration schemes in three different London boroughs. The schemes ranged from refurbishment and redevelopment, to infills and new builds. Ebury Bridge residents had the chance to talk with tenants and leaseholders at these schemes and share experiences, concerns and expertise. 


5 Communications


The Ebury Bridge newsletter was launched in August 2017, providing regular project updates, initially every two weeks. This is supported by updates on the Ebury Bridge website, alongside letters posted to residents regarding key events. 

ebury bridge story

Ebury Bridge

The Story So Far

The development of the Ebury Bridge Renewal Project is presented below, with the latest update at the top of the page. To read about the scheme from its beginnings, please use the button below. 

Start of project

Moving forward and testing the market

February 2019 Moving forward and testing the market

With Scenario 7 selected, officers worked with residents from across the estate to understand their rehousing needs and preferences. This approach informed the housing requirements for returning residents and allowed us to structure the phasing of development to ensure mixed tenure housing would be present throughout the development. The majority of residents will now benefit from one move, straight into their new home. 

Through Westminster City Council’s Wholly Owned Company (WOC), the council committed to taking the lead as landlord and developer on Phase 1 of the project. This phase will see 216 new homes built, of which at least 175 will be affordable. The council then began the procurement process, inviting bids from design and build contractors to partner with us on the Phase 1 delivery.

developing the scheme

June 2018 Developing the scheme

Putting resident engagement at the heart of plans, the council thoroughly explored the way forward for the future of Ebury Bridge. A long list of scenarios was developed, ranging from refurbishment through to full redevelopment and a number of hybrid options. For each scenario, the CFG, officers and residents went through a methodical assessment.  

As part of the design process Ebury residents had the opportunity to be informed and engaged through each of our resident engagement channels to build a scheme that worked for them. 

The preferred scenario

April 2018 The preferred scenario

Following the detailed options assessment process, Westminster City Council commenced consultation with residents on the preferred scenario which involved the full redevelopment of the estate and the creation of 750 new high quality homes, facilities, retail units and public spaces.

Following this consultation, the council’s cabinet approved the preferred scenario and authorised officers to work up in detail the scheme and identify the best delivery route.

View preferred scenario 

getting started

June 2017 Getting started

In June 2017, following challenges with a previous scheme, Westminster City Council made a commitment to Ebury Bridge residents that any new proposals put forward would be able to attract a delivery partner and could be delivered. 

An industry leading design team was recruited to analyse the estatework up proposals and explore the various options for a renewed Ebury Bridge. 

On 25th October 2017, the Community Futures Group (CFG) was established with residents to work with the council on key decisions. The CFG continues to play an instrumental role in each element of the renewal process. 

CFG information

Ebury timeline



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