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Ebury Bridge Projects

To ensure the Ebury Bridge Renewal can be successfully delivered, a comprehensive scheme has been developed and policies protecting residents' rights incorporated. Phasing and policy documents can be found below. 

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Preparing to build the new homes

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Phase 1 completion

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Scheme completion

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Our design principles

Good distance between blocks

Good separation of pedestrian/vehicular movement

High quality amenities

Safe and secure environment

Well insulated from environment
Long term sustainability

Dual aspect homes


We’ve designed the new estate to unlock more community benefits for estate residents and people in the wider area. It would include more places to shop, green spaces, water features, play areas, and community space. You can see where we’re planning to locate these in the Masterplan image below.


The three new zones

We want to reconnect the new estate with the surrounding neighbourhood by providing:

  • Blocks that respond to neighbouring buildings
  • New shopping opportunities and great places to eat
  • High quality public spaces

 Three zones

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Meanwhile space

During the project there will be periods of time where there will be vacant plots of land that can be used to benefit local residents. Community cafes, start-up shop premises and community centres are just some of the things that could appear for periods of time on empty land.

The first Meanwhile Space is scheduled to be delivered in early 2020. We want to hear from you what you would like to see on the first meanwhile space.

Policies for residents 


Leaseholders: Your options


Policy for Leaseholders in Housing Renewal Areas 

Policy for Tenants in Housing Renewal Areas

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